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Hey so what's all this talk about jontron? I don't follow social media so I wanna know what's happened to him because he's my favorite youtuber


#tw slurs sexism general asshattery

basically this all started when jon made a tweet about ps now or whatever (the game streaming service) calling it retarded to which a fan politely informed him that saying that word is kinda scummy and it would be appreciated if he refrained from saying it again. so jon, oh bless his heart, decides that the best course of action in responding to this is to say, and i quote, "my bad, i forgot you were retarded"

obviously there are a ton of people who are rightfully upset about not only him using the word to begin with but attacking a well-meaning and friendly fan using a word the guy literally just said was NOT GOOD. a ton of people call him out and jon replies (bless his heart, so so much) by pulling the whole THIS IS CENSORSHIP GEORGE CARLIN WOULD NOT STAND FOR THIS I HAVE MY RIGHTS ETC ETC ETC while a bunch of fans circlejerk around him and kiss his ass over it while jon begins to devolve into “lol tumblr is all sjw!!! nerds!! haha look at my sick neckbeard” and then responds to someone telling him to just give up and stop feeding the drama with something along the lines of “HITLER DIDNT STOP SO WHY SHOULD I”

so for like a week or two jon keeps this whole making-fun-of-sjw schtick up until the zoe quinn thing becomes a big deal and then he tweets a really sexist, slutshamey comic about it that also references his dramtron thing which again sends anyone with any common sense and sliver of empathy into more throes of JON WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING SERIOUSLY JUST STOP more neckbeardy stuff comes out of his mouth, he’s a shitshow now and i can’t even like summarize the stupid shit he says anymore because there’s just so much and literally everything that comes out of him is just whiny victim complex still whining about censorship shit

something prompts neil ceceialgeraraea (the potter puppet pals guy, whom jon has publicly expressed admiration for) to address the drama and call out jon for being a giant fucking baby. jon still doesn’t get it, keeps whining about his precious freedom of speech. neil stops talking to him about it but still takes a public stance against jon’s action. tim schafer, the founder of double fine and another dude jon loves, posts a video about sexism in gaming and jon plants both feet firmly in dudebro territory and goes off about WELL MEN ARE OBJECTIFIED TOO ANITA SARKEESIAN IS WRONG NOT ALL MEN, tim is like nnnnaaaaah bitch and makes fun of all the other manbabies telling him to kill himself while jon sucks his thumb and whines at tim bc he “sicced his fanboy mob on him” and he still hasn’t learned anything from this

now there’s a stupid hashtag on twitter #IStandWithJontron and people including tim and neil are having a grand ol time making fun of it because jontron is an actual petulant child who has no sense of empathy for anyone except himself and seriously fuck that guy. as someone who loved him for the better part of 2 years like seriously fuck jontron